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I'm sure you're really sick of hearing about our carpet by now, but this is the last post! I promise!

When Rog spilled stain down one of our vents, we wanted to get all of the carpet out of the house before the HVAC contractors came to clean everything. Rog has been struggling with allergies in our home, so essentially we wanted to make sure that both the vents and the carpets were done at the same time.

We started in the small third bedroom one night after Remy went to bed. I moved the bed frame and mattress into our bedroom that afternoon, and Rog and I moved the vanity as we worked.

It's a small bedroom, so we worked pretty quickly. Rog tore up the carpet and I worked behind him pulling out all of the staples. I have to say that these staples came out much easier than the staples in the middle living room. They weren't nearly as old, and there were nowhere near as many.

As we continue uncover the original beauty of this house, we've just decided that at some point, someone really truly cared about this place. But we've also decided that along the way, several people didn't care much at all. Check out these nails that were just haphazardly driven into the hardwood.

The size of the nails that we pulled out of these floors was unreal. Several floor boards split under the pressure, so we're trying to determine what to do about that. Below are some photos of the nails in the tack strips.

We were done faster than we thought in the third bedroom, so we decided to tackle the small hallway before bed. Here's a photo of the hallway on closing day.

The hallway was more of the same that we encountered in the third bedroom. Staples were easy-ish to remove, and we moved right along. It's a small space, so thankfully it was pretty uneventful. We got all of the hardwoods in the bedroom and the hallway safe to walk on before bed, but obviously didn't get to Remy's room that night because she was sleeping.

We were actually hesitant to tear up the carpet in Remy's room. We liked the softness of it for her tiny baby body, and didn't like the idea of her rolling around on the hardwoods, or eventually bonking her head on them someday.

The carpet in here really wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't a finished edge at the door, and I just really wanted all of the pretty hardwoods exposed. We knew that we had to just bite the bullet and get it all done, so one evening we worked on it before it was time for her to go to bed. We did about half of the room, got it safe to walk on, and then finished the other half the next evening. Once again, here's a photo of her room on closing day, and another little shot of it after we painted.

The floor in this room was easily in the roughest shape of the whole house. It was pretty obvious that the rest of the upstairs had been refinished at some point, but it seemed like they just re-carpeted this room and let it be.

Also, at some point the trim work had been painted white, but they couldn't get past the carpet. So we have a really nice tan edge going on.

While they might be in rough shape, they're still mighty pretty. We can't wait to give them some love and get them refinished, but we're okay with what we have for now. We're thinking about maybe giving them all some attention next spring or summer.

So that's it! All of the carpet in the middle and upper levels of our home is gone. We have some fun variations of finishing and stain going on, as evidenced by the (pre-sealed hardwoods) photo below, but we're just so happy to look at and dance on these pretties. How lucky are we??

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