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Remember when our "up" stairs looked like this?? Way back in September, I bribed my sister to come over to our house with "niece time," and casually asked her to help me rip up the stairway runner while she was here.

Taylor was a huge trooper, because now that our house is carpet-free (except the family room downstairs), I can say that the stairs were definitely the hardest part to remove. The runner was ultra-secured with about eight billion staples. The staples were teeny tiny, and really hard to remove. Admittedly, there are still some in the top stair riser because I couldn't find the right tool for the job. They will be out soon!

About halfway through staple removal:

I grew up with carpeted stairs. My mom's house and my grandparents' house both had carpeted stairs, so I was pretty sure that's what I would prefer. I began searching for replacement runners while Rog and I talked about what we wanted.

Eventually, we decided that we didn't have the heart to put more staples into these stairs right now. We decided to leave them bare for the time being. It was hard to come to that decision at first because I was nervous about potentially slipping on the bare hardwood, but since they aren't a full flight of stairs and we're a mostly bare-footed household, we decided that we were okay with it. Plus, the stairs down to the family room didn't have a runner when we moved in, so the stairs all currently match.

In the month that we've lived with the bare stairs, they've really grown on both of us. I don't really see us replacing the runner at this point. We'll eventually refinish them to match the rest of the flooring, but we're really liking them the way that they are!

I'll be back later this week to share a few more flooring-related updates, including one that snowballed into a pretty huge issue that had us calling HVAC contractor 😬

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