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When we moved into this house, the previous owners had left behind a television wall mount and its hardware. We've never had a TV in our bedroom, so we were going to take it down, but we came across a great deal on a 32" TV one night while grocery shopping and decided we could use the mount.

We started using a Roku device last year while we were living in New Mexico and really liked it, so we decided not to get cable in our new house and continue using the Roku. We love that the Roku runs through our internet connection, so we don't have to worry about any coaxial hookups.

(We have a Roku Express in the master bedroom room and a Roku Premiere in the family room.)

Turns out, the hardware that was left behind with the wall mount was incomplete, but Rog somehow managed to get the TV mounted safely. We had some cords hanging, so I bought this extension cord from Target to tidy things up, and that cable cover strip was already in the corner from the previous owners so we're leaving it for now.

Rog tends to work a little later into the evenings, so sometimes we'll hang out up here after Remy goes to bed and catch up on the shows we like to watch together. It's been kind of a cozy addition. Just a quick update for a holiday week. I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!

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