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When we removed the carpet in the middle living room, we were surprised to find that there weren't any hardwoods under the bay window. We are assuming that this means the bay window isn't original to the house.

At first, we thought we could find standard hardwood and install it fairly quickly ourselves. After checking things out, we noticed that:
  • The original hardwoods are not tongue and groove. They are individually nailed into place, which actually gives them a ton of character and I love it.
  • The original hardwoods are not standard thickness. I believe standard hardwoods are 3/4" thick, and ours are only 3/8". They're thin compared to what is generally used in homes today.

We chatted with Rog's dad, and he was able to order new planks with the correct dimensions from the Amish. He ordered it unfinished so that we would be able to stain and seal it along with the rest of the hardwood, and we were hopeful that we could get them to look pretty seamless.

Rog's parents came to our house to stay with our dogs for a weekend while we were in Connecticut for a wedding, and his dad was able to lay the new planks while they were there. He even nailed each plank into place, so they look nearly identical to what we already had.

Guys, they look great! We're so happy that Rog's dad was able to do help us out and install it so quickly.

I'm sure you're noticing the semi-sanded and stain-testing situation in these photos. I'm hoping to do one giant post on this multi-weekend project, just to update on the progress all at once. But otherwise, what do you think?? We're taking huge steps, that's for sure!

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