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On September 9th, my mom, sister, and sister's boyfriend came to visit us for the afternoon. It was a Sunday, so we made homemade soup and chicken wing dip and watched the Bills game together. Around 5pm, we said goodbye to everyone.

That's when Rog and I started talking about the carpet in our middle living room. At first glance, it looked fine. It wasn't super old or an ugly color but on closer inspection, it had some pretty nasty pet stains and odors going on. Not to mention, it was really flaring up Rog's allergies.

That's when he looked at me and said, "Let's rip it up. Right now. It has to go."

I'd like to preface our next actions by saying that we knew there were hardwoods underneath this carpet. See those cords under the TV? The carpet was lifted along the edge there to allow a coaxial cable to be fed from the crawl space through a hole that was drilled in the hardwoods. My brother took a peek during the initial showing and saw there were hardwoods there.

We weren't really flying blind or hoping for the best with the subfloor.

Nasty pic alert: it wasn't pretty under there.

This is when we decided that we needed something heavier than our bare hands, so Rog left to pick up some work gloves and a pry bar.

There was an obscene amount of staples in this floor. New staples, old staples, rusty staples, broken staples. Even some of the ones that looked like they were in better shape were very brittle and broke as we were trying to remove them.

Rog went through with the pry bar and popped all of the staples loose before turning to the tack strips. While he was removing the tack strips, I used needle nose pliers to pull the staples out of the flooring.

Also, a small surprise: the bay window must not be original to the house. It's the only place we've found so far that there weren't hardwoods under the carpet. More on that in another post.

From what we understand, the hardwoods in the dining room were last refinished in 2006. We don't know when the rest of the floor was last exposed, but the finish was different.

We managed to get all of the tack strips, nails, and staples out of the floor before the night was over. We were just happy to be able to sweep, vacuum, and have the floor completely safe to walk on before we went to bed.

The hardwoods are seriously gorgeous, and we just can't believe that someone would cover them up. The whole space feels so much more cohesive, and we feel pretty fancy now 💁 Plus, they don't stink and Rog feels much better now that the carpet is gone. 

Lots more to come, but I'll end the post with this:

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