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Between closing on the house and our actual moving day, my mom spent a couple of nights with us to help us get a few things done before we moved furniture in. We were sure that we wanted to change the paint color in a couple of rooms, so we started with that.

Remy's room was originally a dark brown. We decided that we wanted to go with a soft, neutral pink since a lot of her blankets and accessories had greys, greens, and whites. She needed a whimsical, girl-ish touch. We narrowed down the swatches to Behr Cameo Stone and Behr Ballerina Beauty.

Left: Cameo Stone
Right: Ballerina Beauty

Ballerina Beauty was one of the guaranteed Marquee colors, so I was leaning toward that color before I bought the sample pots. After painting a small patch on the wall, I decided fairly quickly that I preferred Cameo Stone. It was just a touch more pink. Home Depot was able to put Cameo Stone into the higher quality Marquee paint, it just wouldn't be guaranteed to cover in one coat. I was bummed about it until they said that the color we were painting over may have been too dark to guarantee even with the Ballerina Beauty. We chose a satin sheen, just to make the walls easier to clean.

In the end, it took two coats to cover the walls and the inside of the closet. We used the whole gallon of paint, and ended up needing what was left over in the sample pot to finish the second coat in the closet. So far, we love it. Depending on the lighting and time of day, it can sometimes read more pink, sometimes more beige. It's perfect in here.

Before and After:

In the master bedroom, we knew that the purple walls just weren't for us. We have warm wooden furniture and light, natural-colored bedding, so we wanted the walls to be more of a neutral backdrop.

Again, I pulled a number of swatches but ended up choosing two colors for sample pots: Behr Wheat Bread and Behr Toasty Gray. Both were a very pretty beige, with Wheat Bread being just a shade darker than Toasty Gray.

Left: Wheat Bread
Right: Toasty Gray

Once again, Wheat Bread was a guaranteed Marquee color and Toasty Gray was not. I eventually decided that I liked Wheat Bread better for this space anyway, so we were able to actually see how the Marquee paint covered in a guaranteed color. We chose a satin sheen for this room as well.

We were impressed. We could have gotten away with one coat, but I'm picky and did a second just for maximum coverage. We did two coats in the room and two coats inside the closet, and still had 1/4 of a gallon left over. It went on the walls beautifully, and I love the moodier greige with our lighter bedding. I'm thinking that we might use Toasty Gray in another room later.

Before and After:

We still want to address the ceiling color, but I think that with our pretty Anthropologie bedding and some wall decorations, Wheat Bread was the perfect choice in here.

Paint swatch images from Home Depot website.

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