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It's been almost three months since our wedding, and I want to start sharing some of the best pieces of that day here. All photos by Hannah Kathleen Photography.

There were 107 days between Rog's proposal and the day we said "I do." Six years of dating, four years of Optometry School, and four new cities will do that to you. Once life slowed down enough for an engagement, we were beyond ready to get married. The slow beginnings of wedding planning suddenly put everything into perspective. We didn't need a year to plan our perfect day.

With the help of my mother, my aunt, and the rest of our families, we planned an entire wedding in just over three months. We kept everything simple and pretty-- greens and loads of sentimental touches. My engagement ring was Rog's great-grandmother's, so that set the tone for all of the small details.

I made our small wedding cake the day of our rehearsal, and one of my bridesmaids, Nicole, helped me get the buttercream frosting just right. My Aunt Kathi placed flowers on it the morning of the wedding, but the special thing about the cake is the plate it's sitting on. The gorgeous pink depression glass cake plate was my great-great Aunt Oma's. My grandmother knows I have a thing for vintage china, so she gave it to me a couple of years ago and I was so glad to be able to showcase it at the reception. The cake cutter is my mom's from her wedding.

Our seating chart stumped me for a while because I wasn't sure how to display it. Finally I remembered the windows I had collected out of my great-grandparents' old barn. My grandpa has had the barn restored and updated, but the original windows were still stored there. When I took them, they were cracked and broken; most of the panes were missing. My brother took the two best ones and had new panes put in them by the Amish one year as my Christmas gift, so these are just very sentimental to me all the way around.

Perhaps one of the most sentimental touches of my day were my great grandmother's pearls. Grandma Huck, as we called her, was still alive when I was born, and I remember a lot about her. My mom wore Grandma Huck's pearls as her "something borrowed" on her wedding day, and I got to incorporate them into my bouquet on mine. I thought it was pretty special-- his great grandmother's ring and my great grandmother's pearls.

Okay, that's enough for today. Happy Wednesday! I'll be back again with more photos and details later this week. How many wedding photos are too many? Just wondering.


  1. Stunning. Love the seating chart.

    1. Thank you, Kelly! It was definitely a labor of love.

  2. The manager suggested doing a signature cocktail during cocktail hour, which turned to be a huge hit. There is a full bar close to the entrance area, so we were covered there too. Dessert at NYC wedding venues was a presentation of cookies (all looked homemade) and my favorite was the white chocolate, macadamia nut.

    1. Very cool, Sham! I'm glad your wedding turned out so great! I'll be posting about our food and drinks soon :)


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