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Over four years ago, Rog was applying to several optometry schools across the country. One of the schools he was accepted into was the school in Puerto Rico. We briefly looked into apartments there, and most of them seemed a lot alike. Tile or linoleum floors, colored counter tops, white walls... anything that would help maintain a cooler temperature. It made us smile that our new place reminds us of that.

I've been so inconsistent with blog posts for a while, so I don't even think I've mentioned that we've moved. Again.

In March, Rog was offered a residency position through Indian Health Services in New Mexico. It's an optional, year-long educational experience that he'll get paid for, and just being chosen among all the other candidates is a huge honor.

So last weekend, we made the three-day trip from the Northeast to the Southwest. It was an entirely different experience than when we took the RV to Wyoming and back, because this time we got to ride together.

This residency site provides housing, and the apartment has some furnishings, so we only packed what would fit inside our car and in our cargo box. Since we've been here, we've made a few purchases like a new rug and a cookware set. We still have lots of personal touches to add before it really feels like it's ours, but the bones aren't too bad, and I'm sure we'll end up loving it.

I took a few photos when we walked in, and eventually I'll share them. But for now, I'm focusing on the easy changes we'll make that will help our hearts feel more at home. And the mountains we can see from our back patio. I like to focus on those, too :)

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