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The overall tone of our day was set early on, as my engagement ring once belonged to Rog's great-grandmother Geraldine. It is a true symbol of the love and support our family has always offered us, and it made it easy to sprinkle sentimental touches throughout our day.

The ring came to us unaccompanied, without a matching wedding band. It made us wonder about the story behind it all; where was it? did she only ever wear the band? did a matching band ever even exist?

This presented me with an interesting challenge, as I only had a couple of months to decide on a band befitting of both me and the engagement ring. I went to a jeweler and discussed different options but after trying some on, I knew I didn't want more diamonds. The infinity bands just seemed to out-bling the ring, but I also knew a plain gold band wouldn't do the engagement ring justice. It was a hard balance to find.

Finally, after looking around and doing some research, I came across this article. I began looking into the x-ring look and just completely fell in love. It seemed like the perfect match for my ring. I already had my vintage, romantic engagement ring, so why not pair it with something a little more modern? The band that I purchased was from TSO Jewelry on Etsy, and Kathy was a dream to work with.

I love the way that my e-ring nests right into the band, and that neither takes away from the other. They're perfectly complimentary, and I've already had them soldered together so that they line up just right, and to keep them from rubbing together and wearing down.

Do you think the fact that I'm still staring at them a month later means I made the right choice??

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