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We're officially 21 days from our wedding day, so I wanted to share a little bit about our venue. We first visited this spot in March, just a week after our engagement. It was cold, the trees were bare, and the grass was brown. Snow had just melted away, and there was a crisp fall-like feeling in the air, even though we were turning for spring.

It's incredibly hidden. The drive in is beautiful-- through the Allegany Mountains, past plenty of farm land, and eventually down a dirt road. Without super specific directions, you'd probably never find it.

I was skeptical on the ride in, but by the time we left, I knew Timbercrest could give us the feel that we were looking for on our wedding day. Because we both have big families, we knew it would be a larger wedding. We wanted somewhere that could serve as both the ceremony and the reception venue, and could accommodate a lot of people for the entire evening.

Here are a few photos I took on our first visit.

Barring hurricane conditions, the plan is to get married outside under the trees and come inside for dinner and dancing.

This is a photo from the Timbercrest website, with greener grass and leafier trees :) I'm really happy with how it's all coming together. I think this venue can offer us the adventurous, outdoorsy, woodland/garden, wild wedding we've been hoping for. Can it be June 17th yet?

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