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Rog is taking Boards II on Thursday, so he's been really consumed with all of the studying, books, and videos that are helping him prepare. I've been so used to having him to myself since May that it's been hard to slip back into the hardcore study mode. I've found I'm so quiet in the evenings to let him focus that I almost explode with conversation just as we're settling into bed for the night. It's hard not to have him to chat with all day!

My friend, Katy, whose husband is a friend/classmate of Roger's, made this video. It made me laugh, and it totally speaks to all of the "tag-a-longs" dealing with our guys studying for boards!

I've been using his study time to fill our tiny home with Christmas cheer, and I always love the instant cozy feeling that the holidays seem to bring every year. I bought Rog this stocking a couple of years ago, but this year it just seemed like it needed something a little extra.

I picked up a little package of green ric rac this week and just strung it through the existing loops. Green is Rog's favorite color, and it ties in with the personalized tag. The new trim adds a little color and a little bit of fun, especially when it's hanging next to my stocking, which has some subtle sparkle.

What do you think? Have you added a little extra fun to any Christmas items you already have this year?

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