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A few weeks ago, we faced a dilemma regarding the weather and our living situation. We started panicking about skirting the RV and the inevitable cost of  doing that. We started worrying about our tanks underneath the RV, and wondering if they would freeze. We contemplated our choices between electric and propane heating.

At our first campground in Cheyenne, the owners were pretty serious about having their full timers skirt their RVs. It was all very overwhelming to us. We didn't have the tools to do it ourselves, so the owner offered to do it for $650. Yeah. Whoa. And we looked up the costs of easy snap-on vinyl skirting, which topped $800. We quickly learned through some research that even with skirting, our tanks would probably freeze.

We began looking into other options. We thought about dry camping, and exclusively using the campground's bathrooms and showers, but that became a dilemma when the campground unexpectedly closed their bathrooms for the winter.

We weren't sure what to do. We looked at some other campgrounds in the city, and even toured some apartments. I didn't want to do the apartment thing-- our home is in the RV.

Thankfully, we found a few campgrounds that offered the things that we needed, so just before Halloween, we moved to a new spot. We decided not to skirt. We're confident that we can keep the interior warm, and decided that if we have to winterize and use the campground's facilities, we will.

We really lucked out with the weather this fall. Temperatures have been running 10-15 degrees above average, and it's made us even more thankful that we didn't invest in skirting our home. The temperatures have begun to dip and this past week has brought snow, but we're confident that we can tough it out for the last month.

A few products that we've used or ordered so far to stay comfortable include: an electric heater to offset the use of our propane, a heated hose to keep our water that comes into the RV from freezing, and vent insulators to  keep the cold air from seeping in through those thin plastic roof vents.

Wish us luck as we try to stay warm and thawed! So far, so good :)

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