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I meet a lot of new people traveling with Rog. We meet new people in the campgrounds, and we meet new doctors and students that he works with. Inevitably, everyone tries to make small talk and they end up asking me, "So, what do you do?"

I curate, I style, I sketch. I dream, I imagine. But unfortunately, none of this translates very well to the logic-based, scientific minds that I frequently connect with in Roger's line of work. So eventually I tell them that I'm just along for the ride, happily following my best friend around the country.

But I'm not "just along for the ride," Rog says. I'm his support system, I'm his home. I'm a chef, a dog mom, and a homemaker. I'm a writer, a traveler, a photographer, and a creator.

The truth is, I've done a little bit of everything. I've had an awesome internship, helping a Chamber of Commerce redesign their website and plan their annual events. I've had a "big girl" job, running PR and Marketing for an Optometry office. I've designed baby shower invitations, graduation party invitations, and baptism announcements.

Rog is so supportive of my interests, and he does his best to help me achieve my goals. He recently enrolled me in a Floral Design course, and we both felt like it would be perfect for me. I'd get to create beautiful things and work with my hands-- it would be just like crafting! I'm excited about the course and doing well with it, and I'm eager to have a skill to offer when we settle down.

There are so many things that I'd love to learn how to do, and I need to give myself the time to figure it all out. I think my passion still lies in paper goods, so I'd love to explore that avenue eventually.

But he's right. I'm not "just along for the ride." So I'll do my best embrace and enhance my creativity. And if anyone needs anything, let me know :) I'm always up for a project.

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