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We left New York on Tuesday, August 30th and planned for a three-day trip to Cheyenne. Our first day was a morning to night trip to Davenport, Iowa, to stay with our very best friends, Hans and Katy-- yep, the very same Hans and Katy that we adventured to Costa Rica with :)

We planned to spend most of Wednesday in Iowa, hanging out and seeing where our friends are from. They took us to a state park, Maquoketa Caves, for the afternoon where we got our fair share of spelunking in.

It was funny driving through Iowa, where everything is so flat, and suddenly gigantic limestone rocks rose out of the ground. It was so beautiful. The rocks, the green trees-- it was the perfect day.

We even dropped down into Wye Cave, which was literally just a hole in the ground. Once you dropped through, it opened up but continued downward. Hans said it gets really narrow, but you can keep going for hours. We just hung out in the large opening for a bit, and then headed back toward daylight :)

After the caves, we were introduced to Happy Joe's, which is a Midwest pizza staple, and Whitey's, where we had the best ice cream ever. Thank you, Katy and Hans, for showing us some of the best parts of your home. Olive loves Iowa, and we do, too :)

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