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On our trip out to Wyoming, we spent our second night in Council Bluffs, Iowa in a Walmart parking lot. Rog has a really helpful app on his phone called RV Parky that lists locations where RVs are welcome to park overnight, such as Walmarts and Cracker Barrels.

When we pulled into the Council Bluffs Walmart, and there were already all kinds of semi trucks, fifth wheels, and motorhomes parked in the back of the lot. We picked a spot, parked both vehicles, and got settled in. We hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we ordered Carside to Go from an Applebee's in the same plaza. After eating, we got settled in for bed.

I'll admit that I was nervous. I was nervous for our safety and I was nervous about noise and lights... but once we were there, it was awesome. I think having so many people parked in the lots, combined with the security cameras and lights made it a pretty secure place to park for a night. I was also worried about the dogs not doing well with strange noises, but they slept all night! I was so impressed with how well they did with the whole trip. I guess all those eight-hour trips to Western New York from Worcester trained them well :)

It was kind of funny to sleep in our home, in our own bed, and then wake up and look out the window to a vast parking lot. We grabbed some donuts and juice for breakfast before gassing up and hitting the road for our final seven-hour leg of the trip.

If you're ever looking to stay in a parking lot overnight, be sure to check with this app as some locations don't permit overnight parking of big rigs. Also, make sure that you're well-versed in the rules of staying places like this. Most of the time, generators are not allowed, and you aren't permitted to dump any of your tanks in the parking lots.

I'm glad we did it! It makes me excited to travel a little more with the RV someday. I wouldn't ever hesitate to stay somewhere like this again, and I definitely recommend the app, RV Parky. I guess we can check "spending the night at Walmart" off the RV Bucket List ;)

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