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After looking through old emails this week, I realized that my THIRD anniversary with my internet/blogging soulmate is on Saturday! If you're new around here, this special lady's name is Shanna, of Hey Neeson. We connected through an Instagram swap, and it turned out that we had so much in common.

She had just gotten married and moved from South Dakota to Colorado at just about the same time that I had moved from New York to Massachusetts with Rog. We both found ourselves hundreds of miles from home, knowing no one. We had both grown up running barefoot through our grandpas' pastures, and we were sad to leave those behind. The coincidences between us just went on, down to having matching upside down zip codes when we first moved and matching dinner plates. Nothing surprises us anymore.

She's one of the craftiest girls I've ever known. She's a talented re-lover; she's able to whip any antique piece of furniture into shape. She's a gifted writer and photographer, and obviously super photogenic. She's a momma to the sweetest little boy, and she has the prettiest little house. If you don't follow her, you should! Her Instagram handle is @shannamccanna

So, in honor of our three years of friendship and the fact that we temporarily live about two and a half hours from each other, I wanted to write about why it's weird to find your best friend in the blogging world.

At first, you're a little stalkerish. After looking through every Instagram post, you find their blog and look through their "About Me" section and their "Popular Posts" to see if you can see a little more of their personality. Once you notice uncanny parallels, you have to send them a message. There's no stopping it. To tone it down, of course you begin the email with, "sorry if this is creepy..."

You spend weeks sending a flurry of emails back and forth. Sometimes once a day, sometimes three times a day. But either way, you realize that this is someone you truly want to be friends with.

Do you ask for their number? Or do you just send yours and hope for the best? Suddenly you realize that this all just seems like chatting with a boy on messenger in high school. No matter what, you obviously must stay casual. Because I'm cool, new friend. I'm cool.

You're actually meeting someone online. Cue the teasing from our guys about our "internet friend." And the fact that the first time we tried to Facetime, there was a huge storm in Colorado that knocked out her electricity/internet. So she conveniently cancelled. Catfish, anyone?

When is a good time to add each other on all social media platforms? You already follow each other on Instagram, and read each other's blogs, but when is a good time to follow on Pinterest or friend request on Facebook? Facebook is a little more personal.

You freak out her husband. By sending her the above photo. Perfection.

You get so freaking nervous/excited about meeting in real life. What if I'm prettier online. Or skinnier. Or funnier. Should I buy a new shirt? Should I chug a beer in her driveway before I knock on the door? Should I take a bottle of wine? Definitely yes to the bottle of wine.

So yeah. If you've stuck with me this long, I apologize for any rambling. I cannot be held accountable in my excitement. Follow along on Instagram (@eyeloveyoublog & @shannamccanna) for upcoming shenanigans between the two of us this weekend! It's going to be fun!

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