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Months ago, I made little magnets with my blog and Instagram information. They were meant to be like calling cards or moving announcements that friends and family could put up on their fridge, reminding them to follow along as we traveled. I made a few extra telling Rog, "maybe we'll meet some people along the way."

When we pulled into our campground here in Pennsylvania, our neighbors across the street were immediately helpful, accommodating, and kind. They helped us back into our spot and get all of our hookups in place. They invited us over to their site and even gave us directions to the nearest shopping center. They have just gone above and beyond all summer long and we really wanted to show our appreciation.

Since we're lucky enough to have a Wegman's nearby, we decided to make a Buffalo Basket for them. We picked up a basket from Michael's and filled it with all things Western New York: Chiavetta's marinade, Dinosaur BBQ sauce, Bison chip dip, and a selection of beer from Southern Tier Brewing Company. We also included a card to say thank you, as well as one of our little magnets :)

In the end, I think they'll really like it. And turning what could have been just a thank you card into a pretty basket only took a few more minutes of our time, but also shows so much more.

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