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… you think it’s as loud as an awning cracking in half? That was the story of our Tuesday morning. We didn’t know that it was supposed to rain Monday night. Rog had one side of the awning lower than the other so that rain would run off the side, but it didn’t work. We woke up Tuesday morning to a pool of water on our awning and long story short, the support bar ended up snapping right in the middle.

It was loud and really scary, but it could have been so much worse. It could have hit one of us or our car, but everything is alright so we’re thankful. One of our really great neighbors helped us get it propped up so that we can use our RV door, and we’re in the works of trying to get it all figured out :)

We’re looking forward to an extremely warm weekend. Rog has a big project to do, but hopefully he can buckle down during the days and we can have some time in the cooler evenings to relax together. Our time here is flying by; it’s hard to believe that Rog is already halfway done with his first externship rotation. We have lots we want to do and explore while we’re in this area, but we’re also taking advantage of how much closer we are to our families than we have been in the past few years.

Summer is shaping up great so far, and Rog has promised some long-overdue posts on Optometry School related things, so be on the lookout for those in the upcoming weeks :)

Happy Friday!

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