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My head was spinning.

Months of planning, secrets, and excitement were all attempting to funnel through the small pinprick of morning light in the sky.

I tightened the seatbelt across my lap and offered my left hand to Roger. As we navigated through the flashing red and blue lights, I could feel his grip getting tighter and his palms getting clammier.  Second thoughts were of no use now, but they still crept into my mind. Who was this girl? The one who drags her boyfriend out of the house at 4 am. Her poor, unsuspecting boyfriend who is absolutely terrified of flying. What was she doing? This couldn't be me. I'm the girl who frequently says no to the unknown. But yet, here we were.

The plane paused at the end of the runway, then quickly picked up speed before gently gliding into the air. I watched the glittering city of Boston wake up under the gold sky. Rog finally relaxed, and so could I.

“So can I know where we’re going to yet?” Roger looked at me with apprehensive but curious eyes.

I shook my head with a smile.

The truth of where we were going was overwhelming.  It was all the result of a spontaneous decision with my friend, Katy. After some scheming at the gym, some research sessions at local coffee shops, and some top-secret phone calls, we both decided to take the leap and press the "purchase" button. We were taking our guys on a vacation. And not just any vacation, a surprise vacation.

For various reasons, Rog knew that there was a little something planned for him after his last final, but he was pretty convinced that it was a weekend trip to Cape Cod or the Yankees-Red Sox game that weekend. The idea that this surprise would be so huge gave me butterflies.

I still couldn't believe we were doing this. This was so unlike me. I don't like spending money, and I'm always so afraid to try anything new. I'm the type of person that needs about fifteen different endorsements of approval before I proceed with any kind of decision.

From the very beginning, Katy and I wanted so badly to keep the whimsical romanticism of the surprise alive, so we talked for weeks about the best way to reveal it all to the guys. When some flights got mixed up and rearranged, we knew that "running into" each other in the Houston airport would be absolutely perfect.

The final descent interrupted my thoughts. Our plane’s tires screeched onto the runway and we came to a dramatic halt. The inside of the plane suddenly felt small, and I couldn’t wait to get off. I sent a stealthy text as we taxied to our gate. I took a few deep breaths and tried to focus on the fact that this was my very first visit to Texas.

Finally, it was our turn to de-board and I got my camera ready. As soon as we exited the ramp, I began recording. Rog was asking questions about where we were going but I was trying to ignore him. I didn’t have the focus to come up with any more good white lies, especially so close to the reveal.

As we came around the corner, I saw a familiar face, my scheme buddy. Her husband turned around and the guys saw each other. Their smiles said it all.

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