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When we first began our hunt for the perfect RV, I would flip through every photo to try to find a large, blank wall. I’m late to the chalkboard party, but I’ve been loving inspirations like these for what feels like years:

I used Frog Tape Delicate Surface just to be sure that our interior was protected nicely, then two coats of primer and two coats of chalkboard paint. I've heard that using a brush with the chalkboard paint creates ridges, so I used a brush for the primer but a small roller for the paint. I was sure to condition the chalkboard before using it, and then it was ready to use!

It was an easy project, even though it took a few days to complete with drying times. I think it made a huge difference in our tiny little space by adding character and a touch of whimsy. It’s been fun trying to add our own personality and style to a very different kind of home than we were living in two weeks ago. We have lots of plans!

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