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When we tell people that we're living in an RV, we either get that "oh you silly, silly fools" look or an invitation to join the cool kids club. It's a very polarizing topic, and we've learned that people are either all about it or they think we're completely nuts.

Most of the general concerns for our sanity are regarding the size of our home. Coming in at just under 250 square feet, we downsized from our apartment by around 75%. Which is a lot. It's something that we greatly considered when making the decision to purchase an RV, but it really hasn't been much of an issue. Of course, there are many things that we've learned over the past three weeks that have helped make tiny living just a tiny bit easier ;)

One// Making the bed every. single. day. This is a random one to start with, but it's the very first thing that I do in the morning. We always leave the bedroom door open (it's where the dogs' food dishes are and I think the RV would feel even smaller with it closed), so having a jumbled mess of pillows and blankets looking at me all day would make my world feel a little chaotic. I was lucky enough to have my own dorm room in college, and making my bed made me realize that I had a tidy spot to anchor the room, so I could lay out all of my study materials in an organized way. I'm usually not a bed-maker otherwise, but it really feels so, so good.

Two// Staying on top of dishes. An obvious one, but it's so easy to let dishes go until the next morning. We try to do dishes after each meal, which I'll admit, we aren't perfect at yet, but it's just another small thing that makes us feel like we've got our shit together.

Three// Roger being away during the day. Of course I miss him and really wish that we got to spend more time together, but the RV definitely feels more cramped with another adult body in it. We regularly find ourselves dancing around each other and ducking into spaces so we can pass by, so being here alone during the day keeps it from feeling like an aluminum cage.

Four// Keeping some cupboards clear and empty. We worked really hard to downsize the amount of things that we own before moving into the RV, so it's been nice to have some breathable cupboard space here and there. I think the idea of having every storage nook stuffed to the gills would make us crazy, and with that being said...

Five// Knowing that everything has a place. It would be really frustrating if we didn't know where everything was kept, so I work hard during the days to make sure our counters remain clear and that we don't accumulate unnecessary piles of clothes or papers in corners. If something is taken out, it goes back into its designated place, and that helps eliminate the chaos.

Six// Utilizing our outdoor space. We aren't confined to just the four walls of the RV, and an outdoor space is something that we were sorely lacking at our apartment over the last three years. We enjoy eating our meals outside, I do workouts outside, and we love taking the dogs for walks. I've been loving our giant awning, and I can't wait to create a space that is comfy and cozy to enjoy the summer.

An organized home leads to a peaceful mind, and I think that's been the key to making it work in a tiny home.

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