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When I opened my eyes that last Thursday morning, sun was radiantly filtering into the bedroom window, just like it did every morning. I rolled over to see Olive sunbathing in her usual place.

She wasn't there. In fact, nothing was there. 

After moving most of our things home in a moving truck two weeks before, my mom came the following weekend and packed up what was left, including Olive. It had already been a lonely four days without the tapping of little puppy feet.

I stood up, walked out to the living room, and something struck me while I was staring at our empty apartment. As strange as city life has always seemed to both of us, we've managed to make our apartment a home. The things and memories we have collected stared back at us for so long, and they all had a place: clothes hung neatly in the closets, cups were always in the cupboard next to the sink, and Olive could always be found in the bedroom sun on lazy mornings.

Leaving that place is what we've looked forward to for the past three years. It has always symbolized great accomplishment, and now it meant we could look forward to one of the biggest adventures of our lives. But, nevertheless, this was our first home together, and it was the only sense of normal and routine we've known.

I will not miss:
- the traffic.
- having to drive 25 minutes to find a peaceful place to take Olive and Posy for a walk.
- carrying groceries the block and a half from the parking garage to our building's entrance.
- worrying about locking myself out every time I take the trash out or do laundry.
- the less-than-respectful neighbors we've always seemed to attract.

I will miss:
- the amazing light that the bedroom gets every morning.
- living only a few blocks from my best friend.
- having two Targets within ten miles of my home.
- all of the options for delivery when we're feeling too lazy to cook dinner.
- the history that this region of the country brings; it truly is beautiful.

Mostly, I'll miss the lessons learned. We've learned a lot about each other and our relationship, and now that we've found the end, it's easy to look back and see how much we've given to each other during our time here. We didn't know a single person when we moved here, and that forced us to rely a lot on each other. It wasn't always easy, but it created an incredibly strong partnership between us which is something that we will carry forward.

New England has been beautiful. The history, the sights; we've been so lucky to call a place "home" that people dream of visiting. 

So, for these years of learning and appreciation, my heart will always be grateful.

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