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We're about nine days out from Roger's first board exam, so he's locked away in his office, and I probably won't see him again until next Wednesday night.  Last night, he took me to see Eli Young Band at a casino in Connecticut as kind of our last hoorah before he really buckled down. It was a free concert, but we had to get there early to secure our seats.  I waited in line for four hours while he studied at the Krispy Kreme inside the casino.

But oh, it was all worth it.  We ended up being able to stand right next to the stage, I caught a guitar pick, and Rog got to shake Mike Eli's hand, so I'd count it as one of the best concerts I've ever been to.  I've loved them for a long time, and it was a really great night.

Today, I began going through some of the things that I know I'll want for externship rotations this spring. Artwork and garlands came off the walls, pretty tea towels were folded, and our good bedding was packed into our very first moving box.

Beginning to pack has sparked some conversations about how much we will have to vaporize in the coming weeks. Furniture, decor, clothes-- oh, the clothes! We definitely won't be moving our entire wardrobes from city to city. I think it will be interesting to see how well we do with minimizing our lifestyle. We have entirely too many things, and we certainly don't need them.

Downsizing is fun and exciting, as it forces us to keep only the things that we truly love, but it's also difficult in a way. These are our things. This is the home we've built together. It's unsettling seeing the bare walls already, but I think it's preparing our hearts a little bit for the new chapter that we're about to write.

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