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Setting: August 2015, beginning of fall semester.

Taurie: Katy! I'm so glad you're back in Massachusetts! I've missed you so much! How was your summer break?
Katy: It was great! We were constantly on the go, but it was fun! So, I have a funny story for you.
Taurie: I love funny stories.
Katy: We were driving through town in Iowa when Hans slammed on the brakes, gave me a huge smile, and threw the car into reverse. He stopped in front of a house with an RV for sale. I could tell what he was thinking and immediately started shaking my head. "No, no, no," I said.
Taurie: He didn't...
Katy: He did. He wants us to buy an RV and live FULL TIME in it while we're out on externship rotations. Isn't that the worst idea ever?
Taurie: Totally. What a terrible idea. Silly boy.

Setting: The same day, at school.

Hans: So I had the greatest idea over break.
Rog: What's that, my friend?
Hans: Wouldn't it be so practical to buy an RV or a camper and live in it during externships? Imagine the money we would save! And the adventures we would have!
Rog: Now that's a brilliant idea.
Hans: I know! Unfortunately because of our locations, it just won't work out for us. Bummer.
Rog: Hmm...

Setting: September 2015, Hans and Katy's apartment

Katy: So thankfully, I've squashed the idea of a camper. Phew.
Taurie: (gives Katy a helpless look)
Katy: Oh no.
Taurie: Oh yes... Rog is all about it.

Setting: November 2015, Rog and Taurie's apartment

Taurie: So I've been endlessly researching and Pinteresting camper remodels and full time RV living, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm on board.
Rog: YES!

Setting: February 2016, Hans and Katy's apartment

Taurie: Rog, don't you have something you want to show Hans?
Rog: (pulls up photos of our recently purchased RV on his phone)
Hans: (with happy tears) You found one?! You actually did it?!
Rog: We actually did it.

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