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We've been wanting to have a little lifestyle shoot here in our apartment for a while.  Our time here is becoming limited, and while I think we're both ready for our next adventure, this will always be our first place together.  These walls have seen so many laughs, so much love, and a whole lot of friends and family.  They've also seen lots of stress and studying, and many sleepless nights.  We moved here with Olive when she was eight months old, and this is where we brought Posy home to.

This little apartment in the city will always be a part of our story, and for that reason, we love it.

A special thanks to my momma for taking these pics, and to my sister, Taryn, for keeping the puppies wrangled and entertained :)


  1. I love these pictures!!! SOOOO wonderful!! you two are the best

    1. Aww, Katy! Thank you so much! We're really glad we did these!


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