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Our niece's third birthday is this week, and following my mantra from last year's gift, I wanted to give her something that I knew she'd love and use for years and years.  She's such a fun age right now but she's still so teeny, so Rog and I thought a stool would be just perfect for her.  We knew she could use it for brushing her teeth, washing her hands, and helping out in the kitchen.

I began to look around for stools that I could finish and add a little bit of character to.  I found this one at Ikea and almost bought it, but after thinking it over, I realized it was way too tall and I worried that she'd fall off of it or be able to sneakily reach things she wasn't supposed to have.  

My mom and I shopped around an antique mall while I was home for a weekend this summer because I thought maybe I could find a vintage stool that I could sand down and refinish, but no luck.  While we were there, my mom said that she wished we could find a stool just like the one that I had when I was little.  I must have gotten it right around age two or three, and my youngest sister was still using it to brush her teeth when she was seven or eight, so it got a lot of love and use in our family.  She suggested that we take my old one to the Amish and ask if they could make one just like it.

Success!  About a month after we dropped my stool off and made the order, we got a post card saying the new stool was ready to be picked up.  Oh, and the coolest thing about this stool?  The top flips up and down to either be a step stool or a little chair.

To finish the stool, I picked up a half-pint can of Minwax stain in Provincial and a sample pot of untinted Valspar paint at Lowe's.  I did one coat of the stain and two coats of the paint, which I sectioned off using painter's tape.  I sealed the whole thing in with the same Valspar Premium Finish spray that we used on her chalkboard table last year, just to keep everything nice and protected.

The best part of it all?  She loves it.  She calls it her scooter and she insists on using it for just about everything :)


  1. I LOVE this!!! I may need to have one built for myself!

    1. It was a well used stool at my house :)


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