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The blogosphere is such an amazing community.  I've identified with it for a long time and I've met some of the most incredible people because of it.  With that being said, it feels strange to have not poked my head in here for over two months.  I feel rusty.  I feel inarticulate.  I feel like clearing my throat a million times and even saying, "testing 1-2-3."  But most of all, I feel guilty.

I feel guilty that my friends and family haven't had this outlet to keep up with us.  I feel like I've lost an audience because nothing new ever happens in my little corner of the internet.  But I want to keep this space authentic and I want it to genuinely reflect me.

So, authentically, genuinely, seriously.  
Nothing is new over here.

That's my explanation.  Rog just started his fall semester (semester number seven!), it's still 80 degrees, and we're still so damn tired and happy that we haven't done much else.  We've had an unimaginably fast and fun summer, so maybe I'll do a quick summer recap post soon.

The point is, I wanted everyone to know that we're still alive and doing so, so well out here.  I might not be dropping by as much as I used to, but I still intend to use this space to share all of the exciting adventures that are yet to come our way.

Things should be picking up soon.  Rog will hopefully know his externship sites within the next month, so we'll know where we'll be moving next spring.  And we have a couple of other fun things in the works, and I'll be sharing those eventually, too.

So I promise that I haven't gone anywhere, and I really hope that you haven't either.

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