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My babiest sister graduated from high school last Friday.  Crazy.  I flew into Buffalo Thursday night, watched her walk across the stage Friday night, and got to celebrate with her and the rest of our friends and family Sunday afternoon.

Her graduation ceremony was enjoyable, and she even won two scholarships.  I can't wait to watch her pursue the dreams she's had since she was a teeny little girl and play collegiate soccer this fall.  It should be interesting-- both of my sisters will be suiting up in the same jersey one more time!

The weather was pretty icky all weekend, but we didn't let it stop us!  We had tents set up for her party and we put the food and some tables inside to try to accommodate the people that weren't appreciating the weather.  Taryn is pretty much the coolest ever, so she requested both a taco bar and an ice cream sundae bar.  Both were delicious and huge hits.

Taryn is the one with the white balloon in the photo above.  Isn't her dress adorable?  She's loved elephants since birth, so when she sent me a picture of this dress from the dressing room, I knew it was the one for her!

I'm so grateful for a long weekend with all of my favorite people in one of my very favorite places on earth.  And I'm so proud of my baby Taryn.  She's all grown up!

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