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If you follow along on Instagram, you know by now that we welcomed a sweet new face into our little family last Thursday.  Her name is Posy and she was ten weeks old yesterday.  She's independent, spunky, smart, and absolutely adorable.

Because I was home for my youngest sister's graduation this past weekend, Olive didn't get to meet her until last night.  It's going surprisingly well so far, and I'm pretty grateful for that.

She even flew back to Boston from Buffalo with me and didn't make a peep the entire time.  The TSA agents thought she was pretty great, but the flight attendants didn't even know she was under the seat in front of me!  The man who sat in the seat next to me commented on what a good job she did and told me that I have a pretty special little girl :)

I just wanted to drop by and share a few photos of her.  I promise to share more on here in the future, but be sure to follow along on Instagram for more updates!

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