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The weather has been in the 80s here lately and it's been amazing.  Fruits are finally back in season, and that means no more picking through sub par strawberries at the grocery store.  We picked up a mango and some peaches on top of those strawberries this week, and they're all ripened to perfection.

I saw peach cupcakes on Pinterest a few days ago and decided to give them a try over the weekend.  Here's the recipe that I used as inspiration, you know, since I'm a terrible recipe-follower.  I used all fresh peaches and made peach butter cream instead of cream cheese frosting.  They turned out to be really good.  I magically used just the right amount of peach to make the batter sweet, but not overpowering.

Also, on our way home from the grocery store yesterday, we watched a motorcycle accident happen two cars in front of us.  It was pretty terrifying.  I got right out of our car and went running over to help and offered to call 911.  The couple on the motorcycle were only about mine and Roger's ages.  The girl had some pretty bad road rash on her shoulder, elbow, and hand, and she was really shaken up.  Thankfully, they weren't going very fast when it happened, so neither of them were hurt seriously, but it was still so scary and something I never want to have to watch happen again.

It was a very real-life reminder to always look twice before moving to another lane in the summer, and to also hope that bikers realize how small and fragile they are on motorcycles and to respect other vehicles on the road.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe week!

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