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It's always really nice to get a longer weekend because it makes our trips home much easier and much more relaxing.  We left Massachusetts Friday afternoon and got home around midnight.  We got to enjoy a unique blue, peach, and gold-colored sunset during our drive, and of course iPhone photos just don't do it justice.

Saturday morning, we got to go to a track meet and then my littlest sister's soccer game.  They won, and that little sweeper of mine even scored a goal off of a corner kick!  That night, the weather was really nice so we had a bonfire at my mom's house.  We even got around to burning the Christmas tree with the help of my brother and one of his friends.

Sunday brought another soccer game and another win by my littlest sister's team.  It also brought a serious case of sunburn, visits with both sets of grandparents, a cookout with Roger's family and our pretty little niece, and purple hair dye.  That's right.  My sister helped me dye the ends of my hair purple.

Monday was Memorial Day.  I went to my little hometown's parade with Olive, my mom, and both of my sisters.  We watched the parade with one of my high school friends who Olive basically claimed as her own by laying on his feet.  After the parade, we went to the cemetery for a small ceremony where Taryn sang with the high school chorus.

Roger and I went to lunch at my grandma's house and hit the road back to Massachusetts.  I'm so grateful that we got to spend some time with both of our families and could celebrate Memorial Day the way that it's supposed to be celebrated.  We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives for our freedom.

How was everyone else's weekend?  Was it as hot as ours??

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