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My youngest sister, Taryn, is graduating from high school this year.  She's a senior.  I remember the day she was born, so excuse me if this seems a little crazy to me.  She's been my little buddy since day one and I have a pretty special place in my heart for her.

She is sweet as pie but feisty as all get out.  One of my favorite memories of her happened when she was a sophomore.  The school was holding a charity dodge ball tournament and as it goes with teenage boys, it couldn't just be a fun game.  They started arguing over something stupid and this little baby stands up and yells, "THIS IS A CHARITY DODGE BALL TOURNAMENT.  YOU SHUT UP.  YOU SIT DOWN."

And guess what.  Every single one of those senior boys listened to her.  Because you don't mess with homegirl when she's mad.

She's been known to let out war cries before attacking and she's thrown an umbrella through a window.  She cried with me when I went through my very first break up.  But what do you expect from the youngest of four kids?  Sassiness and compassion.  That's what.

I taught her the National Anthem when she was just two years old, and we sat together on the school bus every day until I graduated from high school.  We used to watch movies together via phone calls when I went to college, and I still get so angry when she gets pushed on the soccer field.  I cried tears of pride when she competed in the area's Distinguished Young Women program, and I know I'll cry again when she graduates and leaves home.

This girl is my baby.  I couldn't be more proud of the spunky, strong person she's become.

When I think about her, I think about soft, pretty colors.  She's a little edgy, too, so I combined geometric shapes with a lighter color scheme for her graduation party invitations.  I used PicMonkey to create the shapes and messed with their opacity so that they would blend together.  The top font is Black Jack and the bottom font is Tall Dark and Handsome.  In Microsoft Word, I cropped a couple of her senior pictures into pentagons to match the geometric shapes we already had.  She's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Just like with mine, Dane's, and Taylor's invitations, I put them side by side in a Word document so that we could print them quickly and easily and just cut them down the middle.  Inexpensive, but still pretty and they do their job.

So there they are.  I can't wait for her party :)  Taco bar, here I come.

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