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I hope everyone had a great Easter full of time with family and good candy ;)  My weekend started off warm and ended with snow, so I tried to take advantage of the warm weather before it slipped away again.

There's a local ice cream shop in my hometown that is open almost year round.  In addition to ice cream, they always have fresh produce, candy, and flowers, as well as seasonal items such as pumpkins and Christmas trees throughout the year.  On Friday, I apparently forgot to brush my hair put on a sundress and we went down to grab our first ice cream cone of the year.

It was actually only warm enough for a sundress for about five minutes all day.  I'm just so sick of the cold so I'm trying to will it away ;)  Olive was excited for her ice cream cone, and we learned this weekend at her vet checkup that she now weighs over four pounds! 

I'm looking forward to more ice cream trips in the warmer weather.  I'm also looking forward to more sundresses, swimming, park dates, fireworks, and drive in movies.  What a lovely collection of words.

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