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I'm a dress-wearer.  I always have been.  It's probably just laziness-- I mean, do you know how much faster one can get ready when a dress is all they have to pick out and put on?  No choosing different tank and short combinations.  No deciding between comfort and fashionality.

I own more sundresses than I care to admit.  They look great with casual sandals and air-dried hair (another lazy habit time saver).  But fancier dresses?  They scare me a little bit.  Those ones mean heels and accessories and hairstyles.

Roger's Great Gatsby-themed formal is this weekend.  Tomorrow, actually.  We have coordinating outfits almost picked out (That's actually a lie. I have to go shopping for his shirt and tie tonight).  I've been researching 1920s-inspired hairstyles, which, by the way, all look terrifyingly difficult.  Not to mention the more dramatic makeup and the heels-- oh, the heels!

Wish me luck!

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