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We have a two bedroom apartment.  One bedroom is ours and the other serves as Roger's office.  It's a space for him to lock himself away and get his schoolwork done.  Since it's a regularly used office, it isn't really available for a guest bedroom.  We don't have many overnight guests anyway, save the occasional family member, but this unfortunately meant that any guests we had either got the couch or a nest of pillows and blankets for about a year.

Roger's parents so graciously bought us an air mattress a while back.  They were probably sick of sleeping on the couch when they visit ;)  We've been so grateful for it, as we now have a place for our guests to sleep.  We also dangerously realized a few months ago that it is the perfect movie night companion.

Anyway, so begins a week of books, stress, and exhaustion.  In preparation, I blew up the air mattress in the living room yesterday.  It's not uncommon for one of us to end up sleeping in the living room during finals week; either Rog doesn't want to bother me or I can't sleep through his tossing and turning.

Confession.  Olive and I spent most of yesterday slumber party-ing it, snacking and lounging on the air mattress.  Of course there was a Say Yes to the Dress marathon and some Pinteresting.

I might be lying on it as I write this post.

And I might volunteer to sleep on it tonight.

How pathetic am I?

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