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Well folks.  Saturday was Rog's annual Eye Ball (optometry nerd humor for formal), and apparently we had so much fun that we didn't take a single good picture of the two of us together.  Which is a shame, because our outfits were killer... Especially his.  The boy wore an ombre dress shirt just for me.

The first photo is the only photo I got of us before the night was over.  This was during dinner and awards.  Look at his smile and bowtie.  He's the cutest :)  The second photo I took on my way out to send to my favorite friend to wish her a happy due date day!  It was only 10pm in Colorado when I sent it, but it was midnight in Massachusetts, so it counted.  I'm over the moon excited for that girl and so anxious to see her little man!

The last photo is of us in our building's elevator on our way home :)  I just had to snap one more because that boy of mine looked so dang dapper.  Side note: notice the heels in hand and the flats on feet.  We all knew it wouldn't last long.

And just because I love him, here's a shot of us from last year's Eye Ball.

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