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I've lived my life like a butterfly.  I've flitted around, never landing in one place for very long.  The longest job I ever had was when I was life guarding; I did that for five summers, but even then I only did it for three months at a time.

We spend our whole lives never getting too comfortable.  From the time we start nursery school, we're never in the same classroom with the same teacher for more than one school year.  In middle and high school, we're never with the same teacher for more than a period or two.  In college, our classes, professors, and buildings change every 15 weeks.  We might start internships upon graduation and then look for real jobs that aren't 100% suitable to us.  So that real job only lasts a little while.

It's no wonder we have a really hard time settling down into a routine.  Everything about our young lives reinforces the opposite.

So now I've been in the same place for a year and a half and I feel a lot like a caged butterfly.  I'm trying so hard to whisk around but keep landing in the same places.  I want to visit friends across the country and I want to take little trips with Roger and vacations with my family.  But there isn't enough time.  I don't have time for breaks here.  I've been forced to land.

I might be able to flit around for a day or two at a time, but with the snap of my fingers, I have to be back, making any flitting I do an exhausting whirlwind.

Maybe it's just me, maybe it's everyone.  Or maybe I'm just going stir crazy in the 100+ inches of snow I'm in.  Regardless, either I'm not made for sitting still, or we've all been taught not to.  I'm ready to be a free butterfly again.  I'm waiting patiently for someone to open the cage door again.  I'm counting the days...

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