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Roger and I are pretty big antique lovers.  We love browsing antique malls and stores for hidden treasures.  He picked out this mid-century telephone table before we even moved to Massachusetts almost 18 months ago, and my mom bought it for him for his birthday in September.  It somehow miraculously and perfectly fit in our teeny entry nook, but it had some original upholstery on the seat that was very worn, dirty, and not our style at all.

Over Christmas, I picked out some simple fabric and brought it back with me.  I spent last Wednesday night pulling fabric and batting that was older than all of our parents off of this thing, yanking out the tiniest nails, and using my brand new staple gun.  And ta-da!  What do you think?

It was really easy and took less than an hour.  I asked for Roger's help for about two seconds, and he was the only one who got stabbed with an old nail, so I'll mark that as a victory.

It's a great place for us and our guests to sit down and put on our shoes, as well as leave our keys and phones when we get home.  I like having this space organized, because it makes the whole apartment feel in order.  I think if you have a cheerful entryway, it makes the whole space more welcoming.  So it's my goal to keep this place clean and happy this year :)

Anyway, it looks like it was made for this awkward little nook and I love it to pieces.


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