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New shoes.  They're usually glitzy and pretty and sparkly... And uncomfortable. It takes a while to break them in, and even if you've worn them every day for almost a year and a half, they still might not feel quite right.  You grow accustomed to them.  You expect them.  Still, you look in your closet from time to time at your favorite old pair of canvas shoes.

Finally, you decide to take those old shoes for another spin.  Euphoria.  Nothing gets you like your old shoes.  They fit perfectly and they're just your style.  You feel like yourself again.  You can run and skip and dance at a karaoke bar.

Old friends are like those old shoes.  They're comfortable and they just get you.  And as I was standing in that little hometown bar listening to some pretty intense karaoke (they were committed, let me tell you), I was so happy that I have the friend that I have.

I can be myself around him.  He lets me vent and be grumpy, because he knows it's all the things that I hold in around everyone else.  We've had our very few differences, but he has my back.  He's my lifelong friend.  He's my old pair of shoes.

So yeah.  Old floral canvas shoes and old friends beat the heck out of glittery heels and fancy friends any day.  But maybe I'm a little bit of a hippie.

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