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I think we all grew up with a set list of Christmas cookie recipes that were used over and over every year.  I was telling Roger last night that we should make some cookies this weekend since he's all done with school for the semester (!!!), and he named three or four different kinds that we just couldn't leave out.

It's always a daunting task going to a party and being offered a tray of Christmas cookies.  What kind is that?  Are those raisins?  Why is that one green?  It's kind of like a game of roulette, and if you find one you like, you stick to that one.  There is no more venturing outside of your comfort zone.  Or maybe that's just me because I'm terrified of everything.  What if I don't like it?  I'll have to eat it, because not finishing it would be rude...

That's a little how I felt at a party that I was at this weekend.  Coincidentally, it was that pink and green cookie in the middle with the raisins in it that I chose and stuck with for the remainder of the afternoon.

It just makes me wonder if the cookies we gift to friends every Christmas season are given shifty eyes and a little eeny-meeny-miney-moe.  I'm sure they are.  To each their own, obviously.

Anyway, those cookies just made me really want to make some familiar recipes this weekend with some "Oh Holy Night" Pandora playing and an evergreen candle burning.  I know that I'll make way too many, because I'm sure just one batch of a single recipe would be too much for just the two of us.  And Roger has requested several different varieties.

I guess I'll just have to package some up and give them to someone else :)

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