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This weekend was the first weekend that Roger and I could relax in a while.  He's had about 8,302 exams and I swear I haven't seen him in a month.  Last weekend, his parents came to visit, so while he did take some time off from studying, we were still busy entertaining.  The weekend before that, I took a bus to NYC (!!!) to visit my very best friend from high school :)

I'm not from New York City.  That's a common misconception.  Actually, it would take just as long  to get from my hometown to NYC as it takes to get to Worcester, Mass.  I'd only been to New York City twice before that weekend and both times were spent doing the touristy things, so it was nice to experience New York in a different way.  We walked a ton, rode the subway, and even took a taxi.  Apparently I was having too much fun to take any pictures because I seriously didn't take a single one.  But it was amazing to get to catch up with a great friend, and I've missed her every minute since then!

Last weekend, Roger's parents came to visit.  We ended up driving into Boston and tried to walk the Freedom Trail, which was a major bust because it was taking about five times as long as it should have and we were anxious to get home and watch our Buffalo Bills play.  They bought us a new couch on Monday before they left and we are so grateful.  It's the comfiest thing and we pretty much don't want to move out of the living room anymore.  I'm so glad they came to see us, and Olive was so incredibly happy to see familiar faces.  Having guests is always fun :)

But anyway, that's just a fast and furious update as to why I've kind of been MIA around here.  I've been working and exhausted and have had no desire to do a craft or write a blog post.  Hopefully that changes, soon!

I hope everyone is having the best, most beautiful October :)

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