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Two weeks ago, we went whale watching.  It was insane.  We started our journey in Gloucester and had to travel almost all the way to Cape Cod to be where the whales like to feed.  Because the seas were choppy that day, it took two hours to get to the special spot.

For a while, we could see Boston on the horizon, but soon there was no land to be seen around us.  It was definitely a weird feeling.

The place that we went to was actually an underwater plateau, which makes feeding easier for the whales.  On the plateau, the water was only about 100 feet deep.  We were told that adult Humpback Whales are 50 feet long, so when you see their fluke (tail fin) stick out of the water, their head is already halfway to the bottom of the plateau.  Interesting!

We also learned that Humpbacks are usually solitary animals because they eat so much-- it just isn't beneficial to travel in groups.  This is why you usually know that it's a momma and her baby if you see two whales together.

Humpback whales can be told apart by the markings on their flukes.  No two whales are marked alike, so the tour guides could tell us which whales we were looking at and how old they were.  They said it's almost impossible to tell whether a baby whale is male or female until they are full grown and the females come back with a baby.

The whales got really close to the boat.  You can see in a few photos that there are people in the foreground for reference.  I only used my stock lens that day, meaning I couldn't zoom in very far at all... so these photos are pretty true to life in terms of distance.  Roger actually shot a lot of these, and we shot on automatic all day so that we didn't miss anything exciting.

After the five-hour round trip adventure, we got to get a closeup look at a United States Coast Guard vessel.  It was gorgeous, especially sitting in the Gloucester Harbor at sunset.

My hair and my clothes were caked with salt by the time we got our land legs back on, but I could spend every day with that feeling, just maybe not on a boat ;)

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