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I made it.  A whole year.  It's been a whole year since I've been able to call that pretty house in the hayfield home.  It's been a year that I've lived with a boy.  We've taken a complete trip around the sun.

I've done my fair share of whining since that day, but I like to think that our time here is flying (sort of) and that there are some things about the city that I'm growing accustomed to.  So, in honor of our one-year-Worcester-anniversary, here are my thoughts.

Things I've Learned:
  1. City driving isn't scary if you know exactly what lane to be in and when to get over to it.  It only gets stressful when you realize you need to be three lanes over in 400 yards.
  2. How to carry eighteen bags of groceries in one trip because the parking garage is too far away.  We're seriously thinking about investing in one of those pull-behind carts (like these).  Don't laugh.
  3. A lot of people will never be able to say that they moved away from home for a few years. And while I can't wait to go back, I'm trying to learn to enjoy my time away because I know a lot of people would give anything to do what I'm doing.

Things I've Loved:
  1. Everything is so close.  I won't say that there's more to do here than there is around my hometown; it's all just closer.  We only have to drive 10 minutes (with traffic!) to get to a mall or movie theatre, rather than 30.  Oh, and I can be to three different Targets in just over five minutes.
  2. I live on the East Coast.  That means the ocean is within 45 minutes of me in pretty much any direction.  I need to take greater advantage of this.
  3. New England Revolution games!  Buffalo doesn't have an MLS team, so this is pretty awesome for us.  We go all the time.  I love it.

Things I've Longed For:
  1. Silence.  Last night, someone's car alarm went off three times between 2am and 4am.  Three times.  And there's always constant traffic noise and voices and elevator dings.  I just need some silence.
  2. Having my own vehicle.  We're a one-car couple out here and while it's mostly convenient, sometimes it's a pain.  I miss driving quiet back roads.  Alone.
  3. Family.  Roger and I are both from extremely large families, so it's been an adjustment only having each other.

So, with that, we're one year down, three to go :)

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