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Me too, Zooey.  I can't stand to have unpainted nails and I'd actually rather they be chipped than bare.  In college, I had a pretty extensive nail polish collection that included virtually every color under the sun.  I was pretty bummed when a nursing professor told me that if I was going to have painted nails, they had to be tasteful.  What?  Sunshine yellow isn't tasteful?  And they wonder why I changed my major ;)

Anyway, I now have four staple colors that I rotate through pretty regularly, and here they are:

Secret Admirer from Sinful Collections.  I had an ex-boyfriend who hated when I painted my nails black, but I've always loved it.  I feel empowered when I have black nails but I'm out of black right now so this is my go-to.  This polish is a shimmery-black color, but it comes off as more of a charcoal grey.

Pink Blink from Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  I like the soft, feminine feel of this color.  It makes me feel sweet and pretty, and I really like wearing it with a sundress.  I've also noticed that Sally Hansen brushes paint on so smoothly, and you can't beat the price.

Coral Reef from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.  To me, this is the perfect every day color.  It isn't too dramatic or heavy, but it's dark enough that it's noticeable.  Plus, I think it goes well with almost any outfit, so for me, it's a win.

Mint Candy Apple from Essie.  I'm about to be anti-blogger, but I'm not really jazzed over the quality of Essie nail polish.  Sure, the color selection is enough to make a girl drool, but I always end up with chipped nails within the first two days.  Also, this color is most definitely more of a blue than a mint green.  But the soft, unusual color is worth the chippiness for a day's wear.

So those are my four favorites right now, but I might pick up some regular old black soon.  There's just something about it :)

Oh, and thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!  I am so thankful for all of you.

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