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I once saw a YouTube video that went viral that was crazy intriguing.  People were put into a room with each other to meet for the first time and after a while, some women were taken into another room and asked to describe their own facial appearance to a sketch artist who was behind a curtain.  After they were done, another person who they had just met came in and described the same woman to the sketch artist.

Afterward, the artist revealed both sketches to the woman that was described.  The difference was amazing.  In the sketch where she had described herself, features that she didn't like about herself were exaggerated and the final product wasn't very attractive.  In the sketch that someone else had described, they looked much more realistic and much prettier.

The point of the video was that we are so critical of ourselves (especially women), and that other people don't really see our flaws the way that we do.  I think this is true for all traits, both physical and emotional.

If you were to ask me about my flaws, I could make a list that would take four days to read through.  But maybe through someone else's eyes, I'm not so blemished or weak.

I've always followed the rules, gone by the book, colored inside the lines.  I don't like to cause problems and I can't stand conflict, even if I'm not involved.  I'm an introvert and a self-proclaimed goody-goody; I always have been and I don't think that will ever change.  I hate when people are upset with me, so much so that it makes me sick sometimes.  I've always walked a straight line and done the right thing.  But I think it's so very true that other people always see more of us than we do of ourselves, especially those who care about us and maybe even look up to us.

The reality is this: nobody's perfect.  We're all hypercritical of ourselves.  We're going to have ugly moments, but hopefully in the eyes of everyone else, the beautiful moments outweigh the awful ones.

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