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In fifth grade, my best friend used to make paper cranes all the time.  She was a master origami-ist.  She could even make them as small as a dime, which is really impressive considering all the folds you have to make on that teeny piece of paper.  Today, I'm wondering how she did it, as I fail childhood and struggle to fold a paper airplane.

I'm flying solo this weekend, which I'm sure will stress me enough to make me sweat through my shirt and maybe even break out in hives (note to self: pick up allegra before flight).  My plan is this: walk up to my counter and say, "Hi, I have no idea what I'm doing," which is a little untrue, but I like when they tell me exactly what to do.

The flight doesn't scare me as much as having to talk to strangers.  I'm serious about having social anxiety.  And making sure I'm in the right place.  That makes me nervous, too.  But I did it in October and it all worked out okay.  I'm just going to make sure I'm there super early.

I can't wait to make it to my destination!  Isn't traveling so much more fun when the weather is nice and the world is green?

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