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With the help of my brother, I dyed a shower curtain last time I was home.  I wanted it to have an ombre effect, kind of like the ocean, so my brother helped me rig up a pulley system out of baling twine.  We put the shower curtain into the dye, but only as far up as I needed it since I wanted the top part to still be white.  Then, when it looked dark enough (about every 10-15 minutes), we just pulled the shower curtain out of the dye a little bit more.

I took it back to Massachusetts with me, since we didn't have time to wash it at home before we left.  But, alas, the washing machines in our building scare me and I didn't want to ruin the shower curtain so I brought it home yet again this weekend to wash it and redye it if I needed to.

It didn't turn out as ombre as I expected (womp, womp), but it's still pretty.  I think the soft aqua tones will go well in our bathroom.  We'll see.

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