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Disclaimer:  I'm about to claim many things to be "the best."  Please don't judge or hold it against me.

I'll let this little conversation from yesterday preface this blog post:

I swear.  I have to be the definition of born and raised.  I've lived in the Buffalo area my entire life, so it wasn't until I moved to New England that I realized how many local products I've taken for granted.  I'm sure everywhere has it's little claims-to-fame, but I will always love Western New York's.

1. Chicken Wings.  I'm sorry, but if you call them "Buffalo Wings" or "Hot Wings," you've been deprived.  The first time we ordered wings in Worcester, they came to us breaded, fried, and drizzled in hot sauce.  What?  Granted, I've had much better since then, but they still aren't right.  In WNY, I order my wings medium.  I know some people who like them mild and some people who like them hot.  There isn't even this option in Mass.  It's Buffalo or BBQ or Teriyaki or whatever.  PLEASE, before you write off chicken wings forever, come to Buffalo and try them for real.  I'll take you to the best places myself.  You won't be disappointed.

2. Tim Hortons.  Okay, so this is actually a Canadian thing, but they've expanded into WNY and there's no turning back.  People out here love Dunkin' Donuts, but it doesn't even compare.  There actually used to be both a Tim Hortons and a Dunkin' Donuts in Roger's hometown but the DD recently went out of business.  My go-to order is a toasted cheddar bagel with cream cheese and a frozen raspberry lemonade.  Yum.  I'm just waiting for the day that Timmy Ho's expands into New England.

3. Wegmans.  So this one is expanding a little bit more.  It's a grocery shopping experience-- there are two that are relatively close to Worcester and the New Englanders are just eating them up.  Roger and I love Wegmans so much because we can get all of our favorite WNY foods.  There's a cafe eating area, a huge selection of beer and wine, and the prettiest flowers you've ever seen.  If one comes up in your area, check it out.

4. Bison Dip.  Growing up, I don't think I ever ate chip dip that wasn't Bison Dip.  It just tastes so much better.  Go to Wegmans, buy some Bison Dip, buy some potato chips, go home, and eat it.

5. Beef on Weck.  Beef on Weck is a graduation party staple.  It's like the alternative to meatball subs or whatever else anyone has at grad parties.  It's just a roast beef sandwich with a special bun, but I never realized that it was a WNY thing.

6.  Chiavettas.  (obviously)  It's just a marinade.  The best marinade.  We mostly use it for chicken on the grill, but sometimes we marinade steaks with it and it's just as good.

7. Sahlen's Hot Dogs.  These are just the hot dogs with the natural casing on them, but I seriously didn't know until yesterday when I started researching that this brand was a WNY thing, too.

Thank goodness we went to Wegman's last night for groceries instead of the local grocery store like we planned.  I was craving these things so hard after all of this research.

Anything that's a must-try from where you're from?  I'd love to see what other people consider to be everyday staples!


  1. I've never heard of any of those things. HAHA! Apparently green olives or pickles in you beer is a midwest thing? I had no idea until I got to Colorado.

    1. Haha! I've never heard of those things either. Something we can add to the list when I come visit :)

    2. That actually sounds really good... Shanna, what kind of beer do you use?

    3. Kelly, you could do either in any kind of light beer-corona, bud light, coors. I'm normally more of a wheat beer girl, which is usually has fruity undertones, but sometimes I crave the beer and olives saltiness. :)

  2. Chiavettas is only a WNY thing??
    Now that I know I can't have it, I really want it...

    1. Right? Do you have a Wegmans in NYC? Oh, you can order it on Amazon, too :)


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