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I'm staring out the french doors that lead onto our deck at the prettiest scenery in the world.  I only have about an hour and a half before we leave to go back to the city.  My heart's pretty disappointed that I couldn't let it stay here for longer, but it was the best weekend I could have had.

I wish that the weather would have been a little warmer, but that's just an excuse to go home again sooner than we planned, right?  Bonfires need to be had.  Creek walks need to happen.  I can't argue.  I must be home again soon.  Seriously though, we hadn't planned on making another trip until July, but I'm really trying to talk Roger into considering another one sooner than that.

Olive is doing well after her surgery, so thanks to everyone who asked and thought about her yesterday.  The girl's a champ.  And good news-- I think she'll be able to go back with us this afternoon, so I'm really excited about not having to leave her behind.

I'll share more about my weekend later, but for now I'm just soaking up the view from my windows.

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