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Ever since Olive had her surgery two weeks ago, she's been super cuddly.  Not with us, but with her toys.  She takes them everywhere (mostly her giraffe).  If she's laying in the sun in the bedroom, they're on the floor with her; if she's laying on the couch, she has them up there.  Oh, and if we're all trying to sleep at night, of course they're in the bed.

She was pretty protective of them at first-- if we squeaked them (they all have a squeaker inside), she would cry, take them away from us, and carry them into her crate.  I was worried that she was hoarding them, which can be a pretty serious issue that may require veterinary attention.  But now she's back to her (mostly) normal self and she doesn't mind playing with them and being rough, but they still sleep with her.

She only has three toys now-- there used to be six.  That was too many.  I posted a photo on Instagram last week where you can see her laying with a different one from those pictured above.  I began taking them away one at a time, but she started to notice.  I'm being serious.  You can think I'm crazy all you want, but when she jumps into bed at night and counts them and looks at you and starts crying, what else would you think she's telling you?

Anyway, it's pretty comical now.  Olive always sleeps in the middle, so now all of her toys do, too.  Can you imagine when we had six of them?  It was hilarious because none of them are the same.  It was like her little misfit family.

I'm glad she's slowly recovering and beginning to be our same little girl again.  Surgeries are never fun, but I think she'll be happier in the long-run.  We can't wait to get her out in the grass soon! :)

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